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Why Microgreens?

    +  packed with nutrients

    +  excite the senses

    +  taste like adult counterparts

    +  improve plate presentations

    +  fresh all year round

Microgreens give gourmet dishes and household dinners the visual appeal and bursts of flavor that take plates and palates to the next level.

With such a short grow cycle indoors in a vertical farming environment, microgreens are available year-round through a process most healthful for the consumer and the countryside.

These delectable plants are nutrient-dense compared to full-grown produce and contain essential vitamins and minerals such as A through K, magnessium, potassium, lutein, and beta-carotene. Only a week or so old when harvested, microgreens relay the fresh taste of their adult counterparts.

Microgreens provide textual contrast and unique flavor profiles to just about any meal, whether it's an informal grab-and-go snack to a full-fledged five-course dinner. They add magic to the mundane and transform regular dishes into regal fare.

Why buy from Grand Valley Micro Farms (GVMF) in Mesa County, Colorado? 

Similar to their grow cycles, microgreens have short shelf lives after harvesting.


It’s better—economically, environmentally, for sustainability and community vitality—to buy local in Western Colorado rather than shipping tender produce from points over the horizon.


GVMF is a produce partner working with a variety of other agribusinesses and civic networks in the Grand Junction area to build a stronger sense of community and collaboration.


Understand more about the "why buy" from us in the About section.

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