Microgreens in Grand Junction, Colorado

You can find us selling directly to consumers at the farmers markets in Fruita and Palisade

and Skip's Market in Fruita.

A fresh focus on nutrition and flavor.


Grown on the Western Slope, our microgreens aren't shipped from hundreds of miles away. We place our products in the hands of chefs and consumers within 24 hours of harvesting.




Up to 40 times more nutrients than mature greens and higher mineral content than adult counterparts.



Dedicated to building resilient food networks, increasing healthy habits, and expanding community vitality.


Microgreens give gourmet dishes and household dinners the visual appeal and delicious pop that take plates and palates to the next level. They provide textural contrast and unique flavor profiles to meals ranging from single-slice pizza and sandwiches to Pancetta Wrapped Sea Scallops and Sous Vide Pineapple.